Made in Naples

Polo dello Shipping Banca Widiba
Opere dalla Collezione Agovino
September 28 – November 15 2017

Fabio Agovino and Banca Widiba jointly present a project dedicated to contemporary art on Thursday 28th October that investigates the dual cultural and economic aspects of art.

The project consists of a series of encounters, curated by Marianna Agliottone, essayist and contributor to “Art Report” of Monte dei Paschi of Siena, dedicated to the exploration of art collections in their relation to art advisory services that banks increasingly offer to their clients. Museum directors, art dealers, established and up and coming collectors, trade show directors, entrepreneurs who invest in art, financial specialists, debate the present economic status of art. In the first encounter Andrea Viliani, General Manager of MADRE, discusses the sustainability of the art market and the logic of commerce in general.

Made in Naples opens Banca Widiba’s series of encounters, an exhibition that Agovino presents at the bank’s main office on Thursday September 28th. Artists from Naples and Campania are brought together on the same platform thus rendering a homage of sorts to the role the city of Naples has played in the culture and history of art patronage.

Over the years, galleries and private foundations have contributed to the growth of the cultural and productive fabric of Naples, forming networks with art institutions and inserting local experience into an international context. This regional attachment drives the exhibition Made in Naples, curated by Fabio Agovino and Francesca Blandino, a trajectory that brings together artists from different generations, from Neapolitan galleries and elsewhere, and from the Agovino Collection. Inconvenient sculptures, paintings superficially accommodating, series of photographs unobtrusively invading the offices of the bank, leaving signs of our daily life, some sublimated, others socio-political. A private collection that presents an inner portrait of the collector while remaining within a territory that is its own, an ensemble in which a community can recognize and reconstruct itself and where a history that interacts with the context in which it is immersed may be stored.

Artisti: Danilo Correale, Giulio Delve’, Maria Adele Del Vecchio, Gabriele Di Matteo, Piero Golia, Francesco Jodice, Mariangela Levita, Pennacchio Argentato, Diego Petroso, Giulia Piscitelli, Paolo Puddu, Vincenzo Rusciano, Marinella Senatore, Lorenzo Scotto Di Luzio, Vedovamazzei.

All Photos by Maurizio Esposito