Isi Arti Associate
7.10.2011 -21.10.2011


The first time I saw Rising by Jutta Koether, I felt a strong emotion: once again a work of art opened my heart and mind.
“Growing up” is a natural and irreversible process for each one of us, but it’s not the time passing that makes us become “grown-ups”. The contrary…

“Rebellion”…This is what I think can really make us grow up. Yes, my rebellion was not against someone or something, but exploded within myself, against myself.
My personal rebellion began without me realizing, visiting museums and galleries, frequenting friends in the art world who put me in contact with a world that is not only confined to four walls. I began to understand that it was me to be closed, in my heart and mind.

The contrast between these works of art and my heavy heart triggered my desire to go on and begin a new life.
Art has taken away my certainties and has given me many doubts. It has taught me life is only real if it’s lived without schemes and close minds. I have learned to not recognize anymore beauty and ugliness, right and wrong, good and bad.


What I thought was the closest thing to me, to my way of being and thinking and that I believed could be acquired through career, money, and success had become a feeling which was burnt out, while at the sometime, something new lit up inside of me, just while I was watching a bright flashing sign saying: CAPITALISM KILLS LOVE.
This is why art functions, because it opens your heart and tells you that often the good is in what’s different, in others. Like a marvelous installation by Michelangelo Pistoletto, an artist that I love and that I’ve had the luck to experience in Piazza Plebiscito, in my splendid city…
Love Difference.
Among the many doubts and questions I’ve encountered through art there is only one certainty: I couldn’t live without it.
My life, my being a man needs art, art of my time, of its transcendental value and its air of mystery. Art is a way of entering man’s and world’s deepest reality and it is what brings us closer to God.

In God we trust
good art to all

Fabio Agovino


Meeting Fabio has been dazzling. His Passion, curiosity are really unique.
We’re happy to have had a small role in his important adventure.
The confrontation with people like him, renews our spirit of research and stimulates our growth.
Naples needs people like Fabio that believe in contemporary culture and that commit themselves to recognize and support the best aspects of our sector.
Together we share the thought that art is not only entertainment but a renewing experience.
Art stimulates us to love change, it teaches us not to stop and not only to look in the immediate proximity, but to aspire to far goals.

The trip has begun, good luck Fabio

Marco Altavilla and Paola Guadagnino



Photos by Maurizio Esposito