Marinella Senatore. The School of Narrative Dance, Napoli

Napoli. Piazza dei Martiri
Collezione Agovino e Galleria Laveronica

On Sunday the 29th of September Marinella Senatore presents for the first time in Naples and supported by Agovino Collection and Laveronica Gallery, her project The School of Narrative Dance, staging a wandering performance which goes from Piazza dei Martiri to the Palazzo Sessa courtyard.

Founded in 2013 the nomad school focuses on the concept of “assembly”, collective creation and above all empowerment by promoting a didactic system based on emancipation, inclusion and self-training.

The school projects have been developed in more than 15 countries in the world involving about 5 million people such as activists, workers, dancers, choreographers, actors, poets, rappers, parkour athletes, housewives, musicians, writers, retirees, feminist groups, LGBTQI groups, choirs, children and much more both amateurs and professionals in a sharing knowledge atmosphere.

The location of a part of the performance placed in the beautiful and ancient Palazzo Sessa gives the possibility to retrace the stories of the Grand Tour illustrious writers that with their tales on Naples have fostered a collective image of many generations till today nourishing an explorative and multicultural vision of journey.

In particular the nobiliary building of Palazzo Sessa, where some site specific action by the artists will take place, hosted characters of great importance such as the English ambassador Sir William Hamilton and the great poet and writer Wolfgang Goethe. Today in the palace is located the Goethe Institut and the synagogue of the city, besides the Agovino Collection.

The Naples experience of the school by Marinella Senatore includes the participation of some excellent personalities from Naples in the field of dance, music, and theatre including professionals from the San Carlo Theatre and from the Conservatory as well as amateurs from various artistic disciplines.

The event which takes place on September 29 is accompanied by the original soundtrack created and developed by the artist Marinella Senatore with the roman compositor Emiliano Branda who is the music author while Sveva D’Antonio is the words creator. The original soundtrack with its text and music retraces the lives and the sounds of the characters who lived in the Palace, leading the audience to choral singing that everybody has to participate in.

The project received tutelage from the Donnaregina Foundation for contemporary arts in Naples, the moral support of the Goethe Institut, and the support of the Naples Municipality.

The School of Narrative Dance, Naples has made possible thanks to the cooperation of hundreds of participants and the following associations and institutions:

Atellana Marching Band; Anna Chiara Amirante and Alessandro Staiano, dancers of the San Carlo Theatre; Angela Gaetana Giannotti, contralto; Club Majorette Le Ginestre from Altavilla Silentina; Drums Together, percussions Ensamble Musical Lyceum “G. Verga”, Modica, director Giuseppe Valenti; the compositor Emiliano Branda; Fridas Electric Trio; Luna Nova, angelo Germoglio e Italia Russo; Mart Company: Mart Group Choreography Marco Auggiero; Zena Rotundi, harp.

Photo Credits: Domenico Palma

Marinella Senatore. The School of Narrative Dance, Napoli Italia, 2020, 12’, italiano regia / direction: Domenico Palma fotografia / photography: Michele Cherchi Palmieri montaggio / editing: Domenico Palma colonna sonora / soundtrack: Emiliano Branda, Marinella Senatore, Sveva D’Antonio produzione / production: Collezione Agovino

Through the voice of its founder Marinella Senatore, the video focuses on a few key themes of The School of Narrative Dance project. The artist describes how the nomadic school, founded in 2013, centres on the concept of “assembly” and collective creation which promotes an educational system based on emancipation, inclusion and self-cultivation. A school which continues to travel and has, until now, worked in more than 15 countries in the world and involved some 5 million persons including activists, both amateur and professional workers, dancers, choreographers, actors and poets in an atmosphere of shared knowledge. As the artist speaks, scrolling across the screen are images from the itinerant performance held in Naples in September of 2019.

Domenico Palma reports the experience of the rotating video to Naples on September 29, 2019 during the performance of Marinella Senatore, The Scholl of Narrative Dance.