Palazzo Sessa

Lutz Bacher
Collezione Agovino, Napoli

The Agovino Collection presents Snow, projection from the same title by Lutz Bacher, artist from the U.S.A. who explores the constructs of the contemporary popular culture.

A window is open from Agovino’s house to Manhattan before 2001: Lutz Bacher’s work offers an intimate glance at a real event, a snowfall in New York City with the setting on the World Trade Center.

The Snow video shows how the emotional state changes on the basis of the landscape which is a dynamic subject that carries dreams. To fix the affective variation is part of the artistic practice of the artist who by the use of photography, sculpture, video, printing and other forms of expression tries to get the perception of objects and architectures of daily life free from their functional meaning in order to send them to an emotional reinterpretation.

The space turns over and moves, just like the veiled segment of New York’ Snow. The Agovino Collection is grateful to follow the migration sense of the emotional passion and shares it with those who indulge in his wish to keep on exploring art’s territories.