Raffaela Naldi Rossano

Palazzo Sessa

On Thursday the 9th of July at 7 p.m. the Agovino Collection will host in his place a collective action led by Raffaella Naldi Rossano on an evening of shared words and energies.

On the occasion of the recent acquisition by the collection of the work You complete Me (2018), the artist will propose a reading of poems partly written by her (Me) and partly taken by other authors, half of which were selected by an invitation sent to people close to her (You). The poems are chorus voices on identity, hospitality, inclusion, gender equality, ecology, and diversity as an added value and they will invite the audience to active participation in the reading that will be performed as a ritual and a meeting moment as well as a reflection.

After the chorus reading of poems that will echo like a litany, Raffaella Naldi Rossano will dissolve the ritual circle interrupting the flow of reflexivity between words and gestures, voices and thoughts, in order to open the evening to a convivial refreshment.

A special thanks for the contribution for the collection of the poems: Michele Bertolino, Francesca Blandino, Sonia d’Alto, Maria Adele del Vecchio, Mariagisella Giustino, Daria Maini, Marco Pio Mucci, Stefano Muddu, Cludio Piscopo, Luigi Sepe Cicala, Francesco Urbano Ragazzi, Lorenzo Xiques e MInou for President.

Photo: Danilo Donzelli